The pigeon family of Dirk Van den Bulck gained international recognition in 2012, the year when his top class hen Olympic Rosita BE12-6254038 took the title of first Olympiad Pigeon Cat. F in Nitra 2013. Olympic Rosita continued to impress by breeding two world class brothers: Kittel, BE13-6139803 and Greipel BE13-6139849, which finished in 1st and 6th place respectively in the national ace pigeon championship KBDB sprint 2013. Greipel, Super Sprint  873 BE13-6139873, and a full brother of the grandmother of Greipel and Kittel have also managed to win the title of first national champion sprint KBDB 2013. This is quite a palmares for this bloodline. – Source: Pipa

Dirk van den bulck

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Deal Or No Deal

Broer Goede Rode (D.V.D.B) x Blauwe Geert (Karel Laenen)

This cock was the result of join breeding between Dirk Van Den Bulck and Rudy Van Reeth he is the only one bred this way in the whole of the UK!

son broer goede rode


Goede Rode (D.V.D.B) X Goed Blauw (Karel Laenen)

This cock was the result of joint breeding between Dirk Van Den Bluck and Rudy Van Reeth he is the only one bred this way in the whole of the UK!


Blauwe Leo (D.V.D.B) X Daughter Blauwe Leo (D.V.D.B)

Direct son of “Blauwe Leo” when he was mated with his own daughter! this fantastic breeding has already resulted in “Nero” being G/sire to Federation winners


Splendid Bolt (Leo Heremans) x Sister Olympic Rosita (D.V.D.B)

Direct son of “Splendid Bolt” when he was mated to a full sister to “Olympic Rosita” the mother of “Kittel”

Bellow are D.V.D.B we use in racing kits

GB 17 D 46902

All the best national ace bloodlines contained in this cock

“KitSag”, “Saganne 2”, Son of “Brother Goede Rode”, Daughter of “Goede Rode” , “Brother of Vettel” all contained within this cocks pedigree

Willy Van Herck, Patrick Boeckx, Dirk Van Den Bulck

GB 17 D 46948

Very potent mix of sprint race winners contained here

“Pitbul”, “Brother Goede Rode”, “Blauwe Steffan”, “Sagan”, “Klein Duiverke”, “Blaze Nose”, “Scousers Girl”, “Sister Sagan”

Rudy Van Reeth, Karel Laenan, Dirk Van Den Bluck, Patrick Boeckx

GB 17 P 36092

Absolute best sprinting lines contained here

“Maximus”, “Blauwe Leo”, “Kittel”, “Goede Rode”, “De As 77”, “Klein Dirk”, “Golden Cools 1”, “Golden Cools 2”, “Super Cools Lady”

Dirk Van Den Bulck, Jos Cools, Leo Heremans

GB 16 A 28728

“Golden Cools 1”, “Golden Cools 2”, “Klein Dirk”, De AS 77″

Dirk Van Den Bulck, Jos Cools

GB 16 A 28722

“Broer Goede Rode”, “Blauwe Gert”, “Valen Dirk”, Sister Golden Cools 1″, “De AS 77”, “Klein Dirk”, “Goede Rode”, “Golden Lady”

DirK Van Den Bulck, Jos Cools

GB 16 A 28734

Top breeding of the absolute best Dirk Van Den Bluck x Karel Laenen blood!

“Goede Rode”, “Goed Blauw”, “Scousers Girl”, “Klein Duiverke”, “BlazeNose”, Goed Rood”, “Broer Goede Rode”

Dirk Van Den Bulck, Karel Laenen

GB 16 A 28747

“Blauwe leo”, “Daughter of Kittel”, “Kittel”, “Goed Rood”, “Half brother to Olympic Rosita”, “Dau Blauwen AS 992”, “Blauwe Stefaan”

Dirk Van Den Bulck, Leo Heremans, Stefaan Lambrechts

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